19+ Wednesday Prayer That Can Move Mountains

God knows all your heart desires even before you ask, Wednesday prayer can make turn around in your business, career, Life and much more.

There are 7 days in a week which shows more reason why praying a wednesday morning prayer can open doors for success, blessings, opportunities, and growth in our lives.

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19+ Powerful Wednesday Prayers

Wednesday Prayer
Powerful Wednesday Prayer For Blessings

1. Jesus, Righteous Lord, You are the God of all mercy and it is Your desire to richly bless Your children. Today Wednesday, I pray that You anoint the head of the person[s] reading this now with blessings and make your face shine upon them, Lord Jesus.

Pour out Your Spirit on them and let them dwell with You in Your house all the days of their life.

Bless all of their days on this earth and bless all of their comings and goings. In Your precious name , I pray, Amen.

2. This is my Wednesday prayer for you dear Friend, whatever you lay your hands upon today shall prosper .

As Haman died in place of Modecai, so shall everyone plotting your downfall fall into their own pit, you shall rise victoriously above all your enemies and those who confound you.

Every power speaking negativity into your life shall be utterly disappointed . The Lord shall be your shield and he will give you a new song, a song of victory, a song of triumph. Remain Eternally Blessed my friend in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

3. Father Lord, you made us know that in (Nahum 1:7) That you are good, a refuge in times of trouble, you care for those who trust in you.

Heavenly Father, some of us may feel lost and overwhelmed today and the world seems out of control and full of evil.

Father, help us remember that You made this world and declared it good, give us the comfort of your presence and the confidence to trust you even when nothing seems to change.

We pray that You will calm our minds; bring peace to our hearts, and strengthen our spirits to carry on in the midst of these confusing situations.

Lay a path for us, and help us follow your way as we move forward this Wednesday In Jesus’ name, Amen.

4. Father thank you for smiling on me this Wednesday, show me your favor so that I can walk in your strength today, thank you for equipping me with everything I need to live as an overcomer, I bless you and honor you in everything I do in Jesus name, Amen.

5. Dear Lord, I pray this Wednesday morning prayer for you to clear my mind and energize me with purpose and directions, take what was meant to harm me and use it to my benefits, let your angels encamp around me today and fill my household with peace in Jesus name, Amen.

6. Lord thank you for being our good shepherd, thank you for walking with us in the valley, in the rough places, thank you for restoring our souls and leading us to a place of victory and blessings in Jesus name Amen.

7. Dear God, thank you for being my daily provider and for standing by my side through thick and thin, thank you for your amazing grace and for loving me so much, Amen.

8. It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning Lord, thank you for waking me up this morning and allowing me to see a brand new day, you are worthy to be praised.

I pray that you will guide my footage this morning and enable me to reach my destination without hassle from the enemy, please keep us, our loved ones and our homes under your protective care.

We thank you in advance for divine health, favor, employment, strength to make it through the day, and the continued blood covering of Jesus Christ, Amen.

9. Dear lord, as we enter this solemn and holy season, we pray that you will send your holy spirit upon us that we may prepare ourselves for this coming 40 days of lent.

Even though we may no longer wear sackcloth and ashes, we do seek to humble ourselves so that you may understand the magnificence of your love for us as you humbled yourself and gave your life on the cross that we may receive the gift of eternal glory with you, Amen.

10. Father in heaven, thank you for placing the right people in my life today, help me to discern the right connections you have for me, give me strength to release the wrong relationship so I have room in my life for the people you have chosen to connect with me in Jesus name, Amen.

11. Dear Lord, hear my early Wednesday morning prayer as i make myself available today, use me as a vessel to affect lives positively in my generation,I will not become a failure to the body of Christ or become weary in praising your name, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

12. Dear Lord, in every waking day, please give me courage whenever am afraid, guidance when I feel lost,hope when I feel discouraged and peace when I feel distressed in Jesus name, Amen.

13. Dear God, I pray this Wednesday prayer with my heart that the storm begin to calm with your will and by your hands, please wrap your arms of protection around all the people affected by this weather, please help them through all this devastation, Amen.

14.  Heavenly Father, you know every decision I need to make and every challenge I face, please forgive me for the times I tried to figure out this life on my own, i need you lord,  Please send your holy spirit to give me strength, wisdom and direction in your name I pray, Amen.

15. Dear God, I thank you for today Wednesday for waking me up, for my health and blessings, I apologize for all the complaining. I am truly grateful for all that you have done in my life Amen.

16. Dear Lord, I know that I am not perfect, I know sometimes that I forgot to pray, I know that I have questioned my faith, I know sometimes I lose my temper but thank you for loving me unconditionally and given me another day to start again, be thou exalted in Jesus name I pray Amen.

17. Lord Jesus, it’s a new day for me, please show me how I can be a blessing, fill my heart so that I can encourage, inspire and refresh other people, Amen.

18. Father, I know that there is nothing more important in my life than relationship with you, thank you for reaching out to me, from wanting to talk with me and hear from me, thank you for hearing me out even my feelings.

I know that conversation builds relationship and may conversation with you through prayer grow me deeper in my relationship with you, Amen.

19. Forgive me almighty God for going back on my promises, I have lied and deceived people for selfish reasons, thinking that my needs are more important than theirs.

I am therefore, so ashamed and also so grateful that You do not behave as I do rather you are always there for me as long as I ask it.

I ask you this Wednesday morning Lord, to always be there for me as You always have been, and remind me that You always are. In Your name I pray. Amen.

As you pray these Wednesday prayers, recite them with faith in your heart and God in his indefinite mercy will answer your Wednesday morning prayer.

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Significance Of Wednesday Prayer?

Wednesday is considered to be the middle of the week, and for many Christians, it is a time to reflect on their progress and seek God’s guidance for the rest of the week.

Prayer on Wednesday can also be a way to express gratitude for the blessings of the week and to seek strength for the challenges that may lie ahead.

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