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25+ Short Opening Prayer Before Meeting Starts

We have come up with the best short opening prayer before meeting Tagalog at work, school, church, business places or events. You must know that Prayer before meeting is a practice followed by individuals and groups who wish to seek guidance, inspiration, or a sense of unity before commencing a meeting or gathering. It is a […]

13+ Morning Prayer For Work & Morning Prayer Before Work

As you are going to your various places of work, ensure to pray this powerful morning prayer for work and short prayer before work. Reading from our previous articles where we shared some prayers which you or anyone else can pray before anything just like prayer before sleeping, prayer before class starts, prayer before surgery […]

17 Most Powerful Prayer Before Surgery

Pray this powerful prayer before surgery with Bible verses for they can help your career as a surgeon and also help to keep patient life for a  Successful surgery. Do you have a loved one who’s about to undergo a surgery? Or you are a doctor who’s about to perform a surgery on his/her patient? Commit […]

20+ Powerful Prayer Before Sleeping

Pray this powerful night prayer before sleeping which helps for protection against evil forces that operates at night. We know the bad things that happens at night, from robbery, witches and wizards and other blood sucking demons that operates at night looking for who to suck their blood and life whether you find yourself having a […]

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