New Week Prayer

25+ Good Morning Thursday Blessings Images And Prayers

Pray this powerful prayer every Thursday to recieve your Good morning Thursday blessings from God in ten folds. As humans we always lose patience and hope when facing difficult situations in life. It is natural to get disappointed when things do not happen as per our wish. No matter how much we waver in our […]

25+ Good Morning Wednesday Blessings Images, Quotes & Prayers

Good morning Wednesday blessings images, quotes and prayers for you, your friends, family and loved ones. Pray with us as we share with you some powerful weekly prayers that you or anyone can pray to ensure you always have a fruitful weekdays ahead.. Incase you are trying to have a blessed Monday and Tuesday, read […]

21+ Powerful Tuesday Blessings Prayers

God’s blessings over man’s life doesn’t finish, as we are in the second day of the week, pray with these Tuesday blessings prayers for God’s grace, favor, healing, upliftment, support and prosperity in your life, family and over your loved ones. During our previous article where we shared 20+¬† powerful Monday blessings prayers that will […]

20 Powerful Monday Blessings Prayer

As we pray for God’s Monday blessings in our life, May Monday morning blessings of divine grace, favor, healing, upliftment, support and prosperity fall upon us, our families and work in ways beyond measure as we begin this new and promising week. As you are planning to have a blessed Monday, pray with us as […]

15+ Sunday Prayer And Blessings You Should Pray

While praying this Sunday prayer, have in mind that through prayer God can do all things and that there’s nothing impossible for him to do. Dear Brothers and Sisters, prayer is the master key that can unlock the many mysteries of God to us as well as the promises that He has in store for […]

17+ Powerful Saturday Prayer And Blessings

Pray with us as we share 17+ powerful Saturday prayer that will bring out the good things God planned for you and your family. For every pure soul in the universe, God has a plan, trust it, live it and enjoy it. Hear me child of God, As you pray this Saturday morning prayer, God […]

15+ Powerful Friday Prayer For Blessings

Pray with faith as we share with you some powerful Friday prayer that brings success, open doors, blessings, opportunities etc… You can pray this Friday morning prayers for your friends, family members or relative for James 5:16 says, Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be […]

Thursday Prayer – 17+ Powerful Thursday Morning Prayer

A prayer for Thursday as we continue to share days of the week prayers, and Thursday Prayer¬† can never be an exception. On your working space, office, Home or anywhere you may find yourself, always make sure to pray a Thursday morning prayer to the Lord for 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says: rejoice always, pray without […]

19+ Wednesday Prayer That Can Move Mountains

God knows all your heart desires even before you ask, Wednesday prayer can make turn around in your business, career, Life and much more. There are 7 days in a week which shows more reason why praying a wednesday morning prayer can open doors for success, blessings, opportunities, and growth in our lives. 19+ Powerful […]

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