70+ Names Of Angel You Should Know

Many names of angel are often used as baby names, as they are seen as being beautiful and meaningful.

They can also be used as names for pets, businesses, or other things that people want to associate with goodness and light.

Overview On Angel Names

Angels have been a part of religious traditions for thousands of years, and many cultures have assigned names to these celestial beings.

Some angels, like the archangels Michael and Gabriel, are well known and have become household names.

But there are many other angels whose names and stories may not be as familiar.

In this article, we’ll explore the different names of angels and the stories behind them. Are you ready to learn more about these fascinating celestial beings? If yes, then read till the end.

Types Of Angels Of God

Here’s a brief overview of the different types of angels. angels are often categorized into three groups: seraphim, cherubim, and thrones.

  1. The seraphim are considered the highest order of angels, and they are thought to be the closest to god.
  2. The cherubim are often depicted as winged creatures, and they are associated with love and light.
  3. The thrones are also known as the “spirits of fire,” and they are thought to be responsible for carrying out god’s will.

What Are The Names Of Angels And Meaning

Names Of Angel
Highest Ranking Names Of Angels In The Bible
  1. Abaddon: Destroyer
  2. Aciel: Messenger of God
  3. Adriel: My help is God
  4. Agathia: Good
  5. Agnael: Pure
  6. Agriel: Angel of secrets
    Ariel: Lion of God
  7. Auriel: Angel of light
  8. Barakiel: Lightning of God
  9. Chamuel: God is near
  10. Dina: Justice
  11. Gabriel: God is my strength
  12. Haniel: Grace of God
  13. Jeremiel: Mercy of God
  14. Jophiel: Beauty of God
  15. Metatron: The one who stands at the throne of God
  16. Michael: Who is like God?
  17. Raguel: Friend of God
  18. Rafael: God heals
  19. Remiel: Angel of dreams
  20. Sandalphon: Brother of Twin
  21. Uriel: Fire of God
  22. Zadkiel: Righteousness of God
  23. Adnachiel: God’s glory
  24. Adonael: Lord of God
  25. Ahabaiah: God’s love
  26. Akeru: God’s messenger
  27. Ambriel: Messenger of God
  28. Anael: Grace of God
  29. Ancaiel: Angel of hope
  30. Anafiel: Angel of peace
  31. Anahita: Purifier
  32. Ansiel: Angel of wisdom
  33. Arielah: Lioness of God
  34. Asaliah: Healing
  35. Azrael: Angel of death
  36. Barachiel: Blessing of God
  37. Barachiel: Chief of the angels
  38. Cassiel: Angel of tears
  39. Chamuel: Love
  40. Daniela: God is my judge
  41. Dinael: Angel of prophecy
  42. Eiael: God is my help
  43. Esmeralda: Emerald
  44. Gabriela: God is my strength
  45. Haniel: Grace of God
  46. Haniel: Angel of joy
  47. Jeremiel: Mercy of God
  48. Jehudiel: Praise of God
  49. Jofiel: Beauty of God
  50. Kafziel: Angel of secrets
  51. Laila: Angel of conception
  52. Lehahiah: God is my light
  53. Leviathan: Sea monster
  54. Malachi: Angel of the Lord
  55. Michaela: Who is like God?
  56. Metatron: The one who stands at the throne of God
  57. Nahumiel: Comfort of God
  58. Ophaniel: Eye of God
  59. Raguel: Friend of God
  60. Rafaela: God heals
  61. Raziel: Secret of God
  62. Remiel: Angel of dreams
  63. Sachiel: Healing
  64. Sandalphon: Brother of Twin
  65. Saraquel: Angel of sleep
  66. Seraphina: Angel of love
  67. Suriel: Angel of secrets
  68. Tzadkiel: Righteousness of God
  69. Uriel: Fire of God
  70. Zachariel: Memory of God
  71. Zerachiel: Angel of thunder.

These are just a few of the many names of angels that are known and venerated by people of different faiths and cultures.

From our collection of biblical names, we also have 100 names of God in the bible and 100 names of Jesus in the bible.

Angels are often seen as being messengers of God, and they are believed to be able to help people in many different ways.

Highest Ranking Names Of Angels

The following are the names of the seven archangels, as they are commonly known:

  • Michael: “Who is like God?”
  • Gabriel: “God is my strength”
  • Raphael: “God heals”
  • Uriel: “Fire of God”
  • Jophiel: “Beauty of God”
  • Chamuel: “God is near”
  • Zadkiel: “Righteousness of God”

These seven archangels are mentioned in various religious texts, including the Bible, the Book of Enoch, and the Kabbalah.

They are said to be the highest ranking angels, and they are often depicted as being messengers of God.

Each archangel is associated with a specific set of qualities and virtues. For example, Michael is associated with courage and protection, Gabriel is associated with hope and new beginnings, and Raphael is associated with healing and compassion.

It is important to note that there is some disagreement among different religious traditions about the names and number of archangels.

However, the seven archangels listed above are the most commonly known and venerated.

What Is The Angel Of Death Name?

You’re probably thinking of the Angel of Death as “the Grim Reaper,” right? But in fact, the angel of death has several different names, depending on your religious tradition.

In Jewish tradition, this angel of death name is known as Azrael, while in Islamic tradition he is called Malak al-Maut.

In Christianity, he is often referred to as the Archangel of Death, although his name is not explicitly given.

In some traditions, this angel is thought to be one of the Seven Archangels, while in others he is thought to be a lesser angel.

It’s worth noting that, despite his fearsome reputation, the Angel of Death is not seen as an evil being in most traditions.

Instead, he is often seen as a figure of mercy, guiding the souls of the departed to the afterlife.

In many depictions, he is shown as a figure of compassion, gently leading the souls of the departed to their final resting place.

It might also interest you to know that, in some traditions, the Angel of Death is not a single entity but rather a group of angels who work together to perform this important task.

In Jewish tradition, there are four names of angels who are collectively known as the “angels of death”: Samael, Gabriel, Jeremiel, and Azrael.

Each of these angels of death has a specific role in guiding the souls of the departed.

For example, Samael is said to be the angel who judges the souls of the dead, while Gabriel is said to be the angel who comforts the souls of the departed.

Conclusion On Names Of Angels

Names Of Angel
Highest Ranking Names Of Angels In The Bible

To conclude, we’ve explored the names of angels from a variety of religious traditions.

We’ve also seen that, despite their often fearsome reputation, many of these angels are actually seen as figures of compassion and mercy.

These names have a rich history and a wide range of meanings, making them fascinating to explore.

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