Bible names for boysBest Bible Names For Boys

Do you want to give your son the best biblical name with meaning? If so, There are many bible names for boys which you will love and will also suit your child well.

Choosing a biblical name for your son can be a special and meaningful way to honor your faith.

There are many wonderful names to choose from old and new testament, both classic and modern.

Before we dive into some of the most popular choices, let’s take a look at the history of biblical names.

The Old Testament is a rich source of inspiration for names, and many parents choose to honor the great figures of the Bible by giving their children biblical names.

Overview Of Bible Names For Boys

The tradition of naming children after biblical figures dates back to ancient times. In the Old Testament, names often carried significant meaning and were often chosen to reflect a person’s character or destiny.

In fact, some parents even believed that a child’s name could influence their destiny.

Today, many parents still choose to name their children after biblical figures or choose names that carry a special meaning.

100+ Bible Names For Boys With Meaning

Bible names for boys
Best Bible Names For Boys
  1. Aaron: strong, exalted
  2. Abram: high father, exalted father
  3. Absalom: father of peace
  4. Adam: man, created from the earth
  5. Adriel: flock of God
  6. Ahab: beloved brother
  7. Ahaziah: the Lord has held up
  8. Ahimelech: my brother is king
  9. Ahimoth: my brother is death
  10. Ahiram: exalted father
  11. Ahisamach: my brother is strong
  12. Ahithophel: brother of folly
  13. Alexander: defender of men
  14. Amnon: faithful
  15. Amos: carried by God
  16. Ananias: the Lord is gracious
  17. Andrew: strong, manly
  18. Apollos: destructive, destroyer
  19. Aquila: eagle
  20. Asa: healer
  21. Asher: happy, blessed
  22. Barnabas: son of encouragement
  23. Bartholomew: son of Talmai
  24. Benjamin: son of my right hand
  25. Boaz: in him is strength
  26. Caleb: bold as a lion
  27. Calvin: little bald one
  28. Clarence: bright, illustrious
  29. Clement: merciful, gentle
  30. Constantine: steadfast, constant
  31. Daniel: God is my judge
  32. David: beloved
  33. Dominic: belonging to the Lord
  34. Edgar: happy spearman
  35. Edward: guardian of prosperity
  36. Elijah: the Lord is my God
  37. Elisha: God is my salvation
  38. Elliott: the Lord is God
  39. Emmanuel: God with us
  40. Ethan: strong, firm
  41. Ezekiel: God strengthens
  42. Ezra: helper
  43. Gabriel: God is my strength
  44. George: farmer, earthworker
  45. Gideon: hewer, destroyer
  46. Godfrey: peace of God
  47. Gregory: watchful
  48. Harrison: son of Harry
  49. Henry: ruler of the home
  50. Hosea: salvation
  51. Hugh: mighty of mind
  52. Isaiah: the Lord saves
  53. Isaac: he laughs
  54. Jacob: he supplants
  55. James: he that supplants
  56. Jared: descent
  57. Jeremiah: the Lord appoints
  58. Jesse: gift
  59. John: the Lord is gracious
  60. Jonah: dove
  61. Joseph: he will add
  62. Joshua: the Lord saves
  63. Josiah: the Lord heals
  64. Judas: praise
  65. Jude: praise
  66. Julian: descended from Jove
  67. Justin: just
  68. Keith: wind
  69. Kevin: gentle-born
  70. Lambert: bright land
  71. Lawrence: crowned with laurel
  72. Leo: lion
  73. Levi: joined
  74. Lewis: warrior
  75. Logan: little hollow
  76. Lucas: from Lucania
  77. Luke: from Lucania
  78. Matthew: gift of God
  79. Michael: who is like God?
  80. Moses: drawn out of the water
  81. Nathan: gift from God
  82. Nathaniel: gift of God
  83. Nehemiah: the Lord comforts
  84. Noah: rest
  85. Oliver: olive tree
  86. Paul: small, humble
  87. Peter: rock
  88. Philip: lover of horses
  89. Phineas: bold
  90. Preston: priest’s town
  91. Quentin: fifth
  92. Raphael: God heals
  93. Reuben: see, a son
  94. Richard: brave ruler
  95. Robert: bright fame
  96. Roger: famous spearman
  97. Samuel: heard of God
  98. Saul: asked for
  99. Stephen: crown
  100. Timothy.

What Is The Best Bible Names For Boys

Bible names for boys
Best Bible Names For Boys

The best Bible name for a boy is the one that you and your partner love the most. There is no right or wrong answer, and there are many beautiful and meaningful names to choose from.

Here are a few of the most popular Bible names for boys, along with their meanings:

  • Noah: Rest
  • Benjamin: Son of my right hand
  • Elijah: The Lord is my God
  • David: Beloved
  • Michael: Who is like God?
  • Joshua: The Lord saves
  • James: He that supplants
  • John: The Lord is gracious
  • Matthew: Gift of God
  • Daniel: God is my judge
  • Joseph: He will add
  • Samuel: Heard of God

When choosing a name for your child, it is important to consider the meaning of the name, as well as how it will sound with your child’s last name.

You may also want to consider the popularity of the name, as well as any potential nicknames.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a name for your child is to follow your heart. Choose a name that you love and that you feel will suit your child well.

If you are still having trouble deciding, you can try asking your friends and family for their suggestions. You can also look at baby name books or websites for inspiration.

Once you have chosen a name for your child, be sure to say it out loud several times to make sure that you like the way it sounds. You may also want to try writing it down to see how it looks.

Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, but it is also a lot of fun. Take your time and enjoy the process.

In conclusion, The Bible is full of great names to choose from, and you can find inspiration in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Whether you’re looking for a classic name or something more modern, there are plenty of options available.

Just remember to choose a name that you love and that feels right for your child.

With that in mind, you can be sure that your son’s name will be a special and meaningful part of his life.

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