New month prayer for my boyfriendHappy New Month Prayer For My Boyfriend / Happy New Month Prayer To My Love

A collection of happy new month prayer for my boyfriend success and to welcome him to his season of greatness, breakthrough, favor and abundant blessings from God.

If you check our previous article, you will read where we shared some powerful Good morning prayers for my boyfriend success everyday.

We have also decided to share with you some powerful New month prayer for my boyfriend open doors, opportunities, favor and breakthrough prayer.

With our 100+ Good morning prayer for my love, you can secure your love firmly and protect your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband this year with a monthly dose of these new month prayers for your lover.

Similar with this morning blessings prayer, you can start praying and sharing these happy new month prayer quotes, wish your boyfriend a lovely new month wishes for a fruitful new month in the land of the living.

100+ Happy New Month Prayer For My Boyfriend & Love Success

New month prayer for my boyfriend
Happy New Month Prayer For My Boyfriend / Happy New Month Prayer To My Love

1. My love, I pray that the heavenly angels bless you resplendently and thus make you beautiful before all.

2. May your expectations turn into your biggest testimonies, happy new month my love.

3. Happy new month my darling boyfriend, may a colorful garment be wreathed around you to decorate your life and may your laughter truly come from the bottom of your heart.

4. I pray may the lord recover all that you have lost in time past, may you always be the best boyfriend to me.

5. I sincerely pray for you this new month my love, may all your gloomy and helpless day be behind you while your bright days be ahead of you.

6. It’s a new month love, the heaven will not rest until they form a protective covering around you and keep you safe till you are old.

7. Happy new month babe, may God give you a kind spirit and offer you all his kindness spirit in return.

8. Wherever you go, the host of heaven will trail you and keep you safe within their arms, happy new month darling.

9. This month is a new one, so will your heart be purged from all iniquity and you shall be made a new person.

10. My love, no matter what, you will remain firm in faith, the devil will only try but remain unsuccessful in causing you to fail.

11. I pray for you because I love you truly, so once more, I ask the lord to keep you for me and bless you with all that you need to stay happy.

12. This new month will bring you good news and hidden desires, my love.

13. It’s a new month and I pray that you rejoice profoundly like a baby born into a cheerful world, surrounded by caring soul and happy people.

14. Dare to work on your dreams and the Lord will bring you numerous help until you succeed on all sides, happy new month my love.

15. As we are in the new month, you shall sing for joy and count your infinite blessings as this month goes on.

16. May the holy spirit comfort you in form of a miracle and unexpected breakthrough, happy new month my darling boyfriend.

17.  Baby as you go about your duty this new month, may you never be exposed to the evil ones nor their device.

18. Your health will spring forth like morning and your prosperity shall pour over like oil that runs over a cup, you will have a great new month my love.

19. You will come to remember this new month for good, you shall record good success and achievement this new month, Amen.

20. Dear Lord, as I pray this new month prayer for my boyfriend, let your angels love, care and attention be with him this new month I pray, Amen.

21. As each day progresses, so shall your success story travel to the end of the earth my love.

22. God please answer my new month prayer for my boyfriend, let the angels make him cry only happy tears.

23. As numerous as God’s blessings may be, you will receive them all in this new month sweet boyfriend.

24. May all your tall dreams turn your biggest reality, this month has been designed for your incredible testimonies.

25. I pray this new month prayer my love, in every situation and in all circumstances, may you excel and also have the last laugh and may God help you my love in Jesus name, Amen.

26. May this new month bid your transgression and sufferings an everlasting goodbye, happy new month.

27. My love, may your prayer walk through the valley of death, but walk victoriously on the hills of life.

28. May the Angels command every human to treat you kind and bless you abundantly this new month.

29. Your blessings this new month shall spare no room for hurt, loses and failure, you will rejoice completely my love.

30. May your shining star in the sky turns into the largest star ever Known my love, may God bless this new month for your sake.

31. May you keep moving until you reach your apogee of success and prosperity this new month baby.

32. Lord Jesus, I pray this happy new month prayer to my love, may you fight his battle, happy new month.

33. If you have been smiling, you will laugh so hard and profoundly, if you have been having just enough, you will acquire sheer abundance this very month.

34. May the angels assist you in every area you have been seeking help, this month shall mark your new dawn my love.

35. As I pray a new month prayer to my love, may he harvest bountifully all good he has down, as he has a prosperous new month.

36. Your light shall shine brighter this new month and your glory shall be more radiant, happy new month honey.

37. May you win the battles of your yesteryears in this new month my love.

38. As you travel to and fro and ply all roads, may the eyes of death never lay a gaze on you as you are highly protected.

39. You will live to relish in the glory and awesomeness of God as you fail not to be grateful this month, my love.

40. May you worship God alone and serve him like never before in this new month of dominion.

41. As I pray a new month prayer to you my boyfriend, may God be for you and the angels shall stand by you throughout the new month.

42. May you be greeted with miracles and diverse testimonies this very new month my love.

43. My loving boyfriend, may God never turn his back on you.

44. Baby, may your eyes be made to only see the good things of life, may the power of loneliness and depression never steal you away from your loved ones.

45. I pray that speedy growth and progress be assigned to you this new month my boyfriend.

46. May God cause his face to brilliantly shine on you till very end, happy new month boyfriend.

47. May God disappoint every expectation of the devil over your life, happy new month my love.

48. Dear God, I pray these new month prayers to my love, may he find the answers he has been looking for and the dream Job he has been yearning for, Amen.

49. May God never abandon you nor watch your enemies leapfrog over you, happy new month love.

50. No doubt, the lord will cause you to rejoice for many reasons this new month boyfriend.

51. May your step never be wrong, may the Lord straighten your ways alright dearest.

52. May you know the true meaning of Joy, happiness and fulfillment this new month my darling boyfriend.

53. May you be genuinely amazed by the glory and wonders of God this new month my love.

54. May favor surround until you are absolutely covered by its wing, happy new month honey.

55. May you be known for breakthrough and favor this new month sweetheart.

56.Everyday shall bring you closer to your victory and breakthrough baby.

57. May you be blessed with heart of gratitude, may God never abandon you this new month my love.

58. I pray that you will have reasons to genuinely thank God this new month my love.

59. Your days of little beginning is over and it’s start of a new month my heartbeat.

60. May you never be a pitiable sight but that which pleases the eyes, happy new month my love.

61. May you be a beacon of hope and encouragement to others. May your positive spirit and unwavering faith inspire those around you to embrace life with optimism.

62. May you always cherish the memories we create together. May our bond grow stronger with each passing day, and may our love endure through the trials and triumphs of life.

63. May you find true happiness and fulfillment in all that you do. May your life be a testament to God’s love and the blessings He bestows upon those who love Him.

64. May this new month be a time of growth, joy, and blessings for you, my beloved boyfriend. May you experience the fullness of God’s love and grace in every aspect of your life.

65. May this month be filled with God’s abundant blessings and divine favor. May you encounter opportunities to grow and excel in all areas of your life.

66. May your path be guided by wisdom and discernment. May you make decisions that align with God’s will and lead you towards a fulfilling and prosperous future.

Why It’s Important To Pray New Month Prayer For My Boyfriend?

Praying for your boyfriend is a way to show him that you care about his well-being.

It is also a way to ask God to support him and guide him in all that he does also you can include this New week blessings prayer to your list when praying for your boyfriend.

Here are some specific things you can pray for your boyfriend:

  • His happiness and joy
  • His health and safety
  • His success in his career or studies
  • His spiritual growth
  • His strength and courage
  • His wisdom and discernment
  • His relationships with his family and friends

Note: I will Keep on updating this collection of this happy new month prayer for my boyfriend or happy new month prayer to my love for you to pray and watch your relationship grow stronger.

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