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Biblical Dream Interpretation A to Z And Dream Meaning

Some Dream Interpretation are Good and most times God reveal to us any harm or evil that may befall us but we also need to be aware that the enemies can also attack us spiritually through our dreams.

Dreams have long been a source of fascination and mystery. For centuries, people have sought to understand the meaning behind their dreams, believing that they offer insights into our subconscious minds.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what dreams about money or dream about losing a teeth mean, there are a number of different theories that have been proposed

That’s why we have come up with dream meanings and dream interpretation of different types and how you can tackle it if you dream about it.

*Eating In The Dream Interpretation*

Whenever you see yourself Eating in the dream, serious problem is coming your way. Note, anything you eat in the dream is a symbol of a problem. What is the solution? When you wake up in the morning, vomit it by a demonstration 7x! Then drink the blood of Jesus several times! The Bible says we will overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus. Rev 12:11. It is a spiritual matter!

*Having Sexual Intercourse In The Dream Interpretation*

It means you have a spiritual husband (as a woman) or a spiritual Wife (as a man). The purpose of this attack is to block or attack your physical marriage.

It is a dangerous attack on your marriage. The solution is to go into midnight prayer warfare with fasting for at least three days and separate yourself from every spiritual husband or Wife by fire! This is not a joking matter. Many people including so many Christians have been married in the spirit to demons and so their physical marriages are in crises.

*Climbing A Mountain In The Dream Interpretation*

Dream Interpretation for climbing a mountain is that there is a serious problem coming your way.

If you were able to climb to the top before you woke up, glory be to God. Go ahead celebrating! But if you were unable to climb to the top before you woke up, go into 2 days midnight prayer warfare and command your spirit to climb to the Top of that mountain and declare that you are victorious and you have won the battle in Jesus Mighty Name.

*Dream Interpretation Of Bathing With Or Drinking Dirty Water*

It means the enemy wants to pollute your life and defile you so that you will not make it to heaven.

You have to pray seriously against the spirit of pollution and use the blood of Jesus to cleanse your spirit and then cover yourself in the blood of Jesus and you are free.

*Smoking And Drinking Alcohol In The Dream Interpretation*

This is the spirit of Confusion! Pray against the spirit of Confusion and ask God to guide you by His Holy Spirit.

*Dream Interpretation Of Always Seeing Yourself In The Village And In Your Old Family House*

This is the spirit of Backwardness! The enemies want to draw you back from going forward.

Rise up in the midnight and declare war against any spirit of Backwardness in your life and family.

Spiritually withdraw your spirit from the village. Pray with fasting and stop it.

*Seeing Snakes, Serpents And Scorpions In The Dream*

It means Satan is fighting you with the highest power of the kingdom of darkness.

This is a terrible attack. Jesus says He has given us power to tread upon Serpents and Scorpions! Luke 10:19.

Whenever you see Snake or Scorpions in your dream, either trying to bite you or moving around, don’t joke with it. Go into 3 days prayer and fasting to destroy them. It is a dangerous attack.

*Seeing Red Pepper In The Dream*

It means a situation that will make you Cry and weep is on your way. This is a Warning dream.

Go into a serious prayer and fasting and address in time. Pray against anything that will make you weep uncontrollably!

*Dream Interpretation Of Missing Your Slippers Or Shoes*

It means you are about to miss or loose a very important thing, like a husband or Wife or a Car.

Rise up in the midnight and declare war against the camp of your enemies. Pray seriously for your Wife, husband or children not to die.

Spiritually look for your missing sleepers or shoes and put it back on your feet, Stand up and declare 14 times that you have won the battle! Hallelujah!!

*Nursing A Baby In The Dream*

You don’t have physical baby but always seeing yourself nursing a baby in the dream. What you are nursing is a problem. Rise up in aggressive prayers in the midnight and THROW away that baby spiritually and you are free in Jesus Mighty Name.

The Bible says whatever we bind here on earth is bound in heaven. Bind that spiritual baby and cast it into the fire and you are free from impending problem in Jesus name.

*Dream Interpretation Of Seeing Yourself Drinking Red Substance*

It means the enemy has initiated you into Witchcraft. Go into 7 days prayer and fasting to separate yourself from that evil meeting.

If you don’t do this and pray aggressively, your hope of going to heaven is cancelled! No witch or wizard will enter into the kingdom of God.

The Bible says suffer not a witch to live! Exodus 22:18. Go to anointed men of God for prayers, to pray and deliver you from this terrible menace.

*Always Seeing Your Miracles In The Dream*

If you are always seeing your breakthroughs in the dreams and you never experience it physically, it means ancestral curse is fighting you.

Pray seriously against every ancestral curse preventing you from getting your final breakthrough.

This is a serious matter. Break the curse and command your miracles to manifest physically.

*Dream Interpretation Of Seeing Yourself Traveling And Being Held Up In A Traffic Jam*

It means your enemies want to slow down your progress. They want to stop you from going forward.

Rise up in the midnight and declare war against enemies wanting to slow down your progress and command the traffic to clear before you.

*Dream Interpretation Of Seeing Yourself Attending Burials Or Seeing People Carrying Corpse Around You*

It means death is looming over you or your family members. Wake up in the midnight and pray against the spirit of untimely or sudden death coming into your family. Reject the death of any of your loved ones.

*Dream Interpretation Of Person Who Passed Away Takes Something From You*

Means there is a spiritual link that you need to break. The enemy is using that link as a conduct to siphon your virtues and blessings.

A dead person in the dream is a witchcraft. It has a mission to mission to arrest and put you into bondage (John 10:10).

For example, if a dead person stole something from you in the dream, it means you are going to pass through series of difficulties, hardship and disappointments.

If the dream is persistent, it indicates untimely death and sickness in marriage. Pray like this: “I recover my virtues from the land of the dead, and I break every evil covenant attaching me to the dead, in Jesus name” Pray & Fast for 3 days to collect whatever they are stolen from you. Psalm 91, Psalm 27

*Dream Interpretation Of Snakes Or Masquerade Chasing You*

Means that witchcraft spirits are after you. They want to hinder you from progressing and achieve greatness. The spirit of the snake is the spirit of deceit and marine spirit. It brings problems to marriages and prevent a person not to marry. Masquerade dream is a foundational problem and can make someone not get freedom. You have to take prayers and fasting to deal with them Pray & Fast for 3 days using Lev 19:31, Micah 5:11-12, Ps 34:4

*Dream Interpretation Of Walking Around Barefoot*

Means shame, demotion and hardship. Pray and destroy the powers assigned to monitor your life and report back to your enemies.

Bind the spirits of shame and poverty. Release the fire of God against them. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Pray & fast for 3 days using Deut 8:18, 3 John 1;2

*Dream Interpretation Of Falling Into A Pit*

Means you are on a journey to spiritual slavery and captivity. This is where everything you do result to nothing.

Though you might be walking around in the physical free, if you see yourself in a pit in the dream, you have already been sold into slavery and poverty.

And the people responsible for this are those who are closer to you. Maybe members of your family, either living or dead, or workplace enemies posing as friends. Or even church members.

Remember Joseph in the bible. Remember the prophet Jeremiah. In both cases, it was envy and jealousy at work. They were both cast into the pit.

You pray: ” O Lord, send your angelic hosts to rescue me from the pit in Jesus name”. Then you begin to declare like David in Psalm 40:2. He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings”.

*Dream Interpretation Of Going Back To The Former House*

You lived in as a child means the spirits of powers of backwardness operating in your family line is trying to cut short your progress and place a spiritual curse on your life.

If you don’t stand against this through prayer and fasting, you might soon find yourself making negative or backward progress, being passed over for promotion at work, losing favor with friends and family, making silly mistakes that annoy your boss at work and can get you fired etc…. You pray: ” Every altar of backwardness in my fathers house, collapse in the Name of Jesus”. Then you quickly follow up with this one: ” Let the habitation of humiliation and demotion be battered, shattered and swallowed up the power of God, in Jesus Name”.

*Dreams Having To Do With Abortion*

Means your virtues (God-given endowments) are being withdrawn from your life by wicked powers. This is the area the child will cry against your pregnancy. As a result of an evil cry against you in the spirit.

*Getting Marriage Proposal In The Dream*

This means you will soon be favoured maritally especially when you are presently in a serious relationship with a person who has proposed or determined to marry you.

This dream is an eye opener from God to stay calm that the person will soon end up marrying you.

That’s the plans of God towards you. This dream can only come to pass when you are already in a courtship.

However, It’s a sign that he has a clear plan to marry you if you can organize yourself well through prayers then it will come to pass.. God is in charge of this relationship. Pray well to scatter any witchcraft plan against you.

*Dream Interpretation Of Fighting Or Running*

To fight in the dream means you have enemies who are planning to deal with you, Fighting in the dream indicates spiritual warfare.

if you are able to fight and run away successfully, it is a sign of victory. if you are running away from your pursuers, it means deliverance from captivity. Pray and fast for 1 day using Psalm 70, Ephesians 6:11-12.

*Dream Interpretation Of Bible*

Someone who dreams that he has been given a chapter or verse of the bible in a dream means that there is a message from God out of that verse for him.

It can be a warning, words of encouragement or words of wisdom. The scripture given will show what God wants to communicate.

*Market Dream Interpretation*

Market is a place where demonic activities are transacted to buy and sell. If you see yourself in the market, this means witchcraft plan to enslave you and to initiate you into their demonic World Trade.

If you are a business person, this dream leads to the failure of business and lack of spiritual power.

When this dream become frequent, it becomes mental disturbance. Rise up and challenge this powers trying to project loss and stagnant onto your life.

*Dream Interpretation Of Seeing A Snail*

It indicate stagnancy and slow progress. if you pick up snails from the ground, means you are going through hardship and struggle. A life where no one is helping you, don’t worry it shall be well in Jesus name.

If you dream where the snail is crawling, moving but without getting getting to its final destination, this is a sign of setback and failure.though there is no success without failure, mistakes etc, you are going to make it in life but it will gradual. be patient with God. it will surely come to pass in Jesus name.

*Been Shot In The Dream*

When in a dream, you are being shot with a gun by somebody but it couldn’t harm you, or it missed you, it means there was danger in your life but God delivered you, if you are shot and wounded, then it shows your life is presently in danger and you are somehow powerless or overcomed already.

If someone is chasing you with gun, then it depicts danger looms around .

*Dream Interpretation Of Seeing Ripe Fruits*

When you dream where you are plucking ripe fruits, it indicates that God is about to bless you.

It shows that God will soon reward you for your labour. Pray and watch out for the opportunity God will open for your blessing and be diligent, alert and obedient to God’s word.

*Dream Interpretation Of Seeing Jets Or Aeroplanes*

It means the enemies that are pursuing you have changed gear! They are now using JET SPEED in pursuing you.

You are to wake up in the night hours and declare endless war against stubborn Pursuers.

Command their JET or Aeroplane to Crash in accident and they will stop pursuing you and your family.

*Dream Interpretation Of Wearing A School Uniform*

If you found yourself wearing a school uniform that was not meant for you, maybe primary or secondary school uniform and you are already a graduate, it means set backs in your life.

*Dream Interpretation Of Collecting A Coconut*

Coconut represents God’s wisdom. This is a call to explore God’s wisdom which is the word of God . The water in the coconut is the word of God but you have to break the shell which represents a barrier in your life .

The number 2 represents a relationship with Jesus through his word.

*Dream Interpretation Of Being Blind

To be blind in the dream suggests foolishness, loss of direction , hatred from associates.

*Dreaming A Lot Of Fish In The River*

This is a sign of luck coming your way or you are about to encounter something, money or connection.

Note, before you can pray effectively against negative dreams especially in the midnight hours, you MUST be a True Christian, born again, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit if not your prayers will backfire against you terribly! It is a dangerous thing to be living in sins and pray in the midnight against demons.

Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation And Dream Meanings

First of all, repent thoroughly, Confess your sins, your mistakes, sins of omission and commission to God and cover yourself and your family in the efficacious blood of Jesus before you enter the spiritual warfare arena! You will surely win in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Note, your understanding of all these things we are sharing with you and action depends on your seriousness and your level of spirituality in matters like this.

And also what I am sharing with you on this issue of dreams is just a summary. May the Holy Spirit expand these things to you better than this in Jesus powerful Name. Amen!!

You are free to share this vital information with your neighbours and as you do, God shall bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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